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Bus moving fire extinguisher exploded passengers running for the

Soon,ralph lauren, the police sped to the scene, and drivers with the view of the vehicle condition, and found that the bus is intact,mercurial, and no one was injured. More than 10 minutes later,ray ban, the driver back to the car continue to operate,burberry, such as part of the roadside passengers back to the car, but there are some people did not dare to take this bus.
Car 56 10 passengers were shocked,louboutin pas cher, scrambling to squeeze down from the open door. Get off,michael kors, we found that two of the three fire extinguishers were originally installed in the vehicle engine has been "destroyed" red debris and other parts scattered over the ground.
'an line in a moving bus suddenly blew fire extinguisher,michael kors outlet, a huge sound of the cars full of passengers scared running for the door and fled. Team staff said,air jordan, is to check the condition of investigating the causes of the explosion.

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Children to testify in court that the mother derailed support hi

Chen therefore taken to court,herve leger, the request to release the parties marriage. Trial of the case,louboutin, one not present in court,burberry, their children also appear to confirm the acts of the mother. Court that Chen requested a ground for divorce is legally justified,air jordan pas cher, then allowed the couple divorced.
Chen Xianfeng man to a 1980,louboutin, introduced to strangers,ray ban, registration of marriage in 1982. Fertility of two married two women and one child. After 2002,coach outlet, the marital relationship began to deteriorate to a go to work in Guangdong,ralph lauren, and cohabiting with another person. Chen and their children several times to pick up to a home,louboutin pas cher, but home to a refuse.

a group responsible for teaching

driver's license and other documents to the police

Mr. Kwak on suspicion of indecent Licheng Dragon police station

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Male teacher lured nine female students occurred relations jaile

's "News Today" reported on February 6, public vocational high schools in Tainan County a male math teacher in class mouthful of bizarre karma intimidation of students and puff "the magic of high-strength,michael kors, continuous decoy 9 female students to sexual assault,herve leger, in which five victims with civil compensation, the judge sentenced the defendant a total compensation for each victim of three million yuan (NT, the same below), for a total of 15 million yuan.
According to the judgment pointed out that the defendant, being a class teacher and teaching opportunities, claimed to have psychic abilities in the classroom, to students spread karma said,burberry, and even trick female students in private, refers to the female students past the boys had sexual woman, present and future The murdered woman to revenge, he is the supernatural powers can help to resolve, and his sexual relations can be protected, otherwise the future of marriage fail to materialize,louboutin, sexually transmitted diseases, having an affair, ruin, Budehaosi.
And that teacher was sentenced in the criminal part of 73 years, to run concurrently for 28 years,air jordan, has been in custody in the court hearing, he admitted the crime, and expressed their willingness to property out to compensate,louboutin pas cher, but I hope the amount negotiated.
The case of the parents in 2008 found the police,ray ban, a total of nine students accused the teacher brutality, five parents with civil compensation, and asked to pay 300 million yuan. The judge held that positive young plaintiff,ralph lauren, did not expect to actually case of teacher Shi murderous, Debu when concerns about the suffering of others eyes,louboutin, victims and parents can be imagined, because the defendant has multiple properties, and therefore sentenced him to compensate the five victims a total of 15 million yuan.
Teachers and female students on the bed, will also require female students to a serious oath, the threat of female students shall not disclose,coach outlet, otherwise "experience rotten, his face a single sitting, ?????, also photographed sex with female students according to .

an Intermediate People's Court

did not want to accidentally kill each other.

30 or so

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Net posts exposure to 15 doctors kickbacks list of parties hospi

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In addition to the doctors, the list also shows that a total of 29 wards with the "Sulperazon needle" 19 wards "prescription rebate" column marked with a certain amount of "rebate". Each doctor,coach outlet, each ward of the month the amount of. The doctors, at least six bottles of up to 96 bottles; the ward, at least 10 bottles of up to 480 bottles. Prescription rebates, "the doctor of the" clawback "of 184 yuan, 768 yuan and 912 yuan; least ward, up to 3840 yuan.
Involves a number of doctors that month rebate of up to 60000
Deputy party secretary of the Wenzhou Medical attached to a hospital, the Commission for Discipline Inspection Shou said,ralph lauren, the hospitals know this immediately to the list of doctors and ward related to an investigation, and requires every doctor and ward their respective departments to make the express written reply. The doctors involved are no kickbacks, and wrote a signing statement. Hospital preliminary investigation also showed that the rebate one said something out of nothing, is purely fictional.
 ● net post exposure
March 5, 2010, netizens "onetwo12" posted in a forum Wenzhou Medical College, Second Affiliated Hospital of more than 60 doctors taking bribes of large sums of money the truth ", naming names, said there are 67 doctors in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical accepting drugs back to the debit of Australia Connaught Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Beijing) medical representatives, sales of drugs for the pharmaceutical company production of "calcium gluconate, zinc oral liquid, net posts, said doctors Monthly accepting bribes on a million other doctors, ranging from the amount credited.
In the afternoon of the 5th, the hospital official said the preliminary investigation,air jordan, the kickbacks purely fictional, adding that the possibility of holding the legal responsibility of the poster.
In recent years,louboutin, Zhejiang Hospital rebate event
On the rebate list, did not specifically indicate which hospital of Wenzhou. Upon inquiry, the doctors on the list are doctor Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical College.
● First Hospital of Ningbo "rebate doors"
● Wenzhou Medical College, Second Affiliated Hospital of doctors collectively taking bribes
May 23, 2010 a mysterious list of online exposure, which lists 45 doctors of the First Hospital of Ningbo City, the job number, name, and their respective departments, followed by an indication of the number and total drug aztreonam price. Posted in posts explained that the drugs,louboutin, "Aztreonam" unit price of 32.3 yuan / box, kickbacks to doctors about 6.5 yuan / box, about 20 percent of the rebate proportion. June 3, the Ningbo Municipal Health Bureau has released to the media, the decision on punishment: 19 received the drug rebate doctor, two doctors to stop practicing activities in six months, six doctors warning, and the remaining 11 were serious criticism and education.
The Shou right to rebate incident "occurred, the hospital on the one hand an internal investigation, on the other hand Pfizer's medical representatives to investigate. To the hospital on the 5th, Pfizer sent a "clarification statement" that, after receiving the relevant information,michael kors, Pfizer attaches great importance, for the post immediately to reflect the situation with the hospital to carry out the investigation, so far did not find the post the situation described, there is no local staff recently repaired computer. The staff also issued a written statement, strongly denied that the content described in the post. Pfizer and the hospital authorities to find out the truth as soon as possible, but also the majority of medical staff is an innocent.
● Zhejiang Province, the first taking kickbacks jailed doctor
'Sulperazon needle attached to a table' in the records of the Wenzhou × hospitals rebate" posts. Post which detailed records of kickbacks in April this year, 15 doctors and 29 ward in a hospital in Wenzhou net posts one, immediately aroused widespread concern in society, within a few days there are as many as hundreds of people thread Browse amounted to 10 000 times, more than one website and reproduced.
Shou the right for Sulperazon needle prescription dosage, the hospital has strict rules. Prescription of doctors, hospitals, three rounds system "and the" Dean of rounds system ", issued by every doctor's prescription will be subject to the residency, inspection three inspection and dean of the attending physician, director of physician , if there is violation prescribe medication, will be subject to processing.
Hospital: out of nothing may hold the legal responsibility of the poster
The hospital made a report thereon to the Health Department of Zhejiang Province, the Municipal Health Bureau and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, City, State Council Office and other relevant departments. The Shou right to said that this adverse impact on the reputation of hospitals and doctors, the hospital may hold the legal responsibility of the poster.
December 4,michael kors outlet, 2008, Hangzhou City Court judgment of non-national staff accepting bribes with the receipt of drug rebate case, the director of the Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, MD, Qiu Ji Fang received the drug rebate 24.8978 million, was sentenced to jail for five 6 months. Qiu Ji Fang, Zhejiang Province, first take the drug rebate sentenced a doctor.
Computer maintenance personnel found that the rebates secret
Net posts as shown in the rebate list, a total of 15 doctors involved in this matter,ray ban, each doctor are marked with a number of doctors working "," Name "of departments, the month the amount of" drug costs "and" prescription rebate ". 12 doctors "prescription rebate" column indicate the different amount of "rebate".
This medication list is a network called "pfizer" poster published in a website forum. The poster claiming to be a computer maintenance personnel, a pharmaceutical representative has the computer to its maintenance required to repair the hard disk to recover data. Repair process, a file titled "Wenzhou XXX Hospital in April, the amount of rebate", the contents of the file for the April Sulperazon needle dosage and doctor, hospital department of prescription rebate. The poster said: "After numerous psychological struggle,louboutin pas cher, I decided to put content to the Internet."
● the parties to respond to
According to Chen Shou right to the rebate list of doctors and physicians work number, and their respective departments basically accurate, and should work in April of this year, because the list of medical doctors this year to the corresponding sections within the meaning of "April",air jordan pas cher, and scheduling in April Zuozhen. Undeniable that the poster is very familiar with the hospital, Doctors, however, job number, their departments and hospital scheduling table information is not confidential, and outsiders can easily understand.
Pharmaceutical companies: not found the staff to repair the computer
The end of the list marked "the month hospital-wide amount of 7500 bottles of prescription rebates totaling 60,000 yuan. According to the data displayed in the list, it was the amount of each rebate divided by the amount of drug costs, found that the rebate costs account for 7 percent of the costs of medicines.

a light background

Has examined

the day of the incident

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U.S. fishermen cast bottle drifting at sea for 2 years after the

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